Refuse The Conformity and Stay Local

Over the years, I have met and interacted with all different kinds of bands and artists all difference types of scenes. But there's one scene I have have grown very fond of; and that is the local scene. Most of the artist in the local site are some of the hardest working musicians I've ever met. They sacrifice so much, put so much effort in what they do, invest nothing but blood, sweat, and tears, and all for the love of making and playing music. I got to interview a great band called Refuse The Conformity while they were wrapping up first ever tour. Great bunch of young guys and great musicians. Check out their tour documentary they made; I did an article of the interview and doc on AltBeast (the music site I contribute to).

I'll continue to support these guys and any band like them. Without guys (and gals) like these, the overall music scene would be nothing and nowhere near as good as it is now.